We will get you a minimum of 4500 organic Twitter followers in 60 days, OR we keep working until you've gained another 1000 at no extra charge to you.Does a 0-risk strategy to increase your revenue interest you?

Then it's time to stop ghosting your ideal clients.


95% of entrepreneurs never make money through their audience.Why?They have to make a choice:

High-quality content
Grow their business

The other 5%? They either get help with building their services, or they get help with their content.Running a business yourself means you're splitting time between two crucial parts of your business.Your business is your baby. Would you trust that to anyone else?You can trust Phantom Growth to produce engaging, scroll-stopping content, because that's all we focus on.You develop your business into being the best out there, and we'll make sure you have leads lined up and waiting outside when you're ready.

We do things a little different around here

Phantom Growth is a traditional ghostwriting service, with a twist. We write attention-grabbing content using your brand voice to boost your follower count on Twitter or LinkedIn. All you need to do is explain to us what you do, what you want, and why.BUTYou're not going to see a list of clients we've worked with.
No results that prove we know what we're doing.
Why?We're ghostwriters. We can show you a picture of likes, retweets, and follower numbers. But that means nothing without the names attached.Your identity will always remain a secret. We'll never reveal that we work with you.No risk, remember?

So, this offer is for you IF

  • You want to network with high-value members in your industry

  • You want to build a brand that speaks in your voice to your ideal clients

  • You want to make more sales and land quality clients

  • You want more time to scale your business

How does it work?

We make things easy for you with our simple framework:

1. The CallWe'll sit down with you virtually and hammer out a unique, detailed strategy based on you and your business.
A plan of attack to get you from "I wish" to "I am."

2. Content CreationWe'll take everything we learned from your call, and create unique, scroll-stopping threads, tweets, and engagement posts that will draw users to your brand. You will be sent all content prior to posting to review it.

3. GrowthThe exciting part: You sit back and watch your followers increase, your brand become a leader, and your website traffic skyrocket!

What kind of content do we produce?We'll tailor content to your brand identity. For example, if you're a personal brand creating content on overcoming obstacles, we'll focus on story-telling, motivational posts, and success stories.You're a marketing guru?We'll post content with expert advice, audience engagement, and break up the authoritative voice with humor to keep things fresh.

So, HOW can we guarantee our promise?Simple. We're THAT confident in our ability to grow your influence.Build your business while we grow your account, and only pay us when we reach the target number.That's it. Growing Pains, GONE.
Financial Gains, CHECK!
If you want to learn more, contact us below.